Wednesday, December 4, 2013

New Chapter at Certified Customs

We've undergone some remodeling here at Certified Customs. Things change... It's inevitable and as things change so must we. In the spirit of constant improvement we've continued the remodel and it's gotten to a point where we don't know when to share progress photos with our followers. It hasn't stopped since June when James Dean ( and Myself (Yeyo) returned from doing a guest spot at an awesome shop in NYC. Inspiration comes to me in so many ways sometimes it's hard to explain but this trip changes everything, as a leader people tend to look to me to tell them and inspire but this time I was left asking all the questions and wanting to know more. I'm proud to share with you a progress photo today not only of the shop but a style that came to me so organically I still don't know what to call it so I'm calling it Nando Mondragon (my real name) it feels so natural and for the first time in my short tattoo career I feel like I know where I wanna go and taking the steps to get there. The fun is back and I love tattooing more then ever before. I hope you can see that in my latest pieces and if you're interested in a Nando Mondragon original please get in touch soon!

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A letter to our supporters

Certified Customs started as an idea, grew into a dream and now is something that has connected thousands of people to a single group of people that put 110% into everything we do. We've had plenty of ups and downs over the years and no matter what obstacles we've faced as a family we always seem to prevail unbroken and stronger from each experience. I write this letter to everyone that has ever wore a Certified t-shirt, bought paint, custom sneakers, gotten a tattoo or piercing and even those that simply stop in to show us love. You are my motivation and I am unmeasurably grateful for all that you have done to make me a better person and continue doing what I love to do. Every time we meet a new person and start a new friendship with a client I'm reminded of when I first opened the doors in 2006 and had no idea how I was gonna make this work besides having ambition and the want to make a living for myself and my friends that we can be respected for. Bad decisions have been made by me many times in my 28 years on this planet and I've payed in full for many of them, all I can say is whatever doesn't kill me only makes me stronger and so far I've grown stronger and stronger with each experience in life. Every tattoo has its own story and I feel honored each time I am connected to that story, whether it be closure, new beginnings, death, birth or just fun I become a part of those life changing moments in every clients lifes and for that I feel a great deal of respect for each and every one of you! I will continue to grow as an artist, business man, leader, father, husband and person in time and with each new experience I have. Its deeper then just a tattoo or some clothing to us. We live this with every cell in our body this is what we do and it beats inside all of our hearts.

We are Certified Customs and we are here to stay. Thank you again to all of our supporters and anyone who ever trusted or believed in us without a doubt! We do this for you!

Yeyo Mondragon
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Monday, June 6, 2011


Keep your eyes peeled... or you can even keep em semi closed and your still gonna come across a fair share of the Certified Customs logos! Were keeping it alive and part of branding is being consistent so were out here daily working hard to keep it in the streets!

Certified Customs
Tattoo, Piercing, Graffiti art Supply and Barber shop!

We are Colorado!
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Friday, April 29, 2011

Whats new at Certified

Weve had a busy few weeks here at Certified Customs as any of you that have been in the shop before may have noticed were pretty much swamped everyday in here. I just wanted to take a few minutes out and share with everyone a few new things going on here and some new arrivals

First thing is the V.I.P. text list we have going on now. To explain it a lil more in detail it basically signs you up to receive all the latest news, exclusive discounts on everything from clothing to tattoos even on piercings and haircuts. All you have to do to join is text the word "CERTIFIED" to the number 44555 and you will receive an auto reply with your first incentive just for signing up! Use this code for your next purchase at Certified. Now you are signed up to receive all of our VIP text incentives. These are 100% exclusive to the VIP text list and these promotions and incentives will not be offered to anyone else. And even more convenient it come directly to your mobile phone as a text message! So youll never miss it. Its completely free on our end. You just pay regular message rates from your carried

So do it! Text Certified to 44555 now and join!

Next thing is the graffiti art supplies. Weve kinda been flying under the radar for a while but its time to share more about what we carry. We are the only yes ONLY store in Colorado with such a wide selection of brands and quantity on hand. Nobody comes close... not even kinda close :) we now have roughly 5000 cans of paint in stock from Montana Hardcore, Belton Premium, Montana Black, Montana White, Montana Gold, Ironlak, Clash, Beat, Flame and more. And not just a few colors we have the full lines! If you are in the graffiti art game or know someone make sure to check us out and be sure to talk to Yeyo about Crew discounts, large quantity discounts and package deals.

Lastly for the ladies... we are finally working on getting a wider selection of womens clothing in here. Thank you for your patience! After years of research and trying to understand what women wear I am still as confused as ever but feel closer so were goin in! Ive definitely noticed the ladies like to shop here because what we sell is unique and not available anywhere else. So were gonna continue bringing you the latest and greatest and in more of a variety... now if we can get these guys in denver to think that way more haha.

thanks to everyone that came to see the homiee Paul Wall last week here at Certified too! He had a great time and will definitely be back in the future!

Be sure to join the text list!

Certified to 44555
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Friday, April 22, 2011

#Certified Sightings

Its been a busy couple of weeks at Certified Customs. Weve been on the move and as im sure you can see if your ever out and about this Certified Logo seems to pop up in the most bazaar places! Keep em comin! You can email or text your own Certified Sightings to us as well!

Have a good week and make sure to Get Certified!
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